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CSE Principles Comics

Last updated: Fri 11, 2017

The participation strand of the Alexi Project included focus groups with young people in different Hub and Spoke projects, asking them about their experiences of CSE services. What we learned in this work strongly echoed the findings of a number of other research/participatory projects by the International Centre where we listened directly to young people. So, working with our Young Researcher's Advisory Panel, we have synthesised the messages into 10 principles for working with young people affected by CSE. We then commissioned the artist Una to illustrate the principles and have turned these into 10 postcards, that can be shared online and in print form with professionals. 


  1. We want and need services
  2. Show us you care
  3. Give us time
  4. Share information about us, and with us, in a responsible and sensitive way
  5. Treat us with respect and give us choices
  6. Offer us opportunities to develop as people
  7. Give us a voice
  8. Don’t discriminate
  9. Try and make sure we see and talk to the same person
  10. Stay hopeful – things can change

View all 10 postcards in one file. 

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